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Gustavo Murillo C
Gustavo Murillo was born in 1962. He began playing music when he was 10 years old, studying, among others, at the Francisco Cristancho school of music in Bogotà, Colombia. Still very young he decided to go to Switzerland to study. Enrolled at the Lausanne Conservatoire from 1982 to 1989, Gustavo followed classical guitar classes and classical singing from 1984 to 1987. He later went to the United States in 1991-1992, where he graduated from the Grove School of Music (Los Angeles, California) in the Composition and Arrangements Program.

Along with his activity as professor of guitar, Gustavo Murillo has performed at different music festivals in Switzerland and
abroad since 1980: Lenzburg, Quinzaine d'Orbe, Geneva, Montreux Lausanne City festivals, as well as Avoriaz and Annecy in France, Colombia and the United States. For two months in 1986, he also played at the private club of the emir of Qatar during the visit of Princess Diana.

Gustavo recorded his first CD called « Latinoamerica » in 1989. In 1996, he wrote and published the musical scores for a collection of 18 pieces of classic-popular music for guitar, aimed at his students. These were recorded on a CD in 1998. In 1997, he recorded the lead vocals for the CD « Pan con Salsa » of the Almendra salsa group, for whom he was the leading singer until 1998.

His latest CD « Dancing with Dolphins » appeared in August 1998, and was recorded with an acoustic quintet. In 2000, Gustavo composed and arranged 7 songs of the CD « Les Oies de Cap Tourmente », for Nelly Perey. He has participated in numerous solidarity concerts for organizations and associations like “Terre des Hommes”, “Sentinelles”, “Presencia Latinoamericana”, as well as for the preservation of indigenous culture in South America.
He composed the music for documentary films like “les Boucat” in 2004 and “Gilbert et les abeilles” in January 2006, from the English director Richard Morgan.

Since now three years, Gustavo Murillo focuses in composing French songs. He regularly performs concerts with the violinist Marc Liardon in the French part of Switzerland.

He is now recording his new CD « voyage migration couleurs »: a collection of original songs with French lyrics.




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